Less Space - More Safety

  Welcome to Telescopik

Telescopik is a safety equipment provider company. Our products are designed to offer the highest possible quality and be, at the same time, easy to carry and set up, safe and durables.

We are proud to offer you our exclusive line of Telescopik Products. These products were designed to be easily transported and stored in a convenient and practical way but, are able to be set up and used in seconds.

Why choose Telescopik Products?

The answer is easy: the smaller and more practical the products are, the larger the possibilities to carry them in any vehicle and the less space needed to store them there is.

Before placing our products on the market, we do a series of lab tests to ensure their quality. Our cones and barricades have the Certification of the Ministry of Transportation of Canada, for example. Our Inflatable Light Tower has the UL and CSA Labs certification.

Our goal is to offer the highest quality in our products. Our strength is the intelligent design of our products. Our promise is to work always with integrity, honesty and professionalism.

Welcome to Telescopik !